Monday, May 16, 2011

R - Is it over?

It looks like neither one of us has been posting lately.  To be honest... I just haven't had any interesting/exciting workouts to post.  Same old thing.... Zumba... running, walking with Frankie.  I am trying to decide if I want to train for something... maybe Annapolis 10 miler in August... then I definitely won't be lifting much... it's too nice out to be in the gym.

Anyway, I did Zumba today... the class is getting out of hand... I swear there were 60 people there today!  Good workout though... just had to squeeze in!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A-Last Fri, Sat, this Mon, Tues(Legs), Wed.

Last Friday (today's Wednesday ) I did Zumba =)  Then Sat I did Kickboxing (chris ACTUALLy did the class with me hehe)
Sun rest- Mon- business day- decided to rest from working out to get organized- I don't regret it ;)

Tues, Legs- same as last leg workout but increased in jumproping, weights, and reps- WHOA am I sore today...

Wed- today - Cardio- 20 min stair climber, 3 sets of 100 jumps on the rope (unfortunately, I have welts on my right tricep since my right toe kept dragging and catching the rope! lol)  Then 20 arc trainer.  Interval setting- I was going pretty hard- my legs were TIRED so I was using my core a lot.

Monday, May 2, 2011

R - lame

This past week has been a big lame blur.  Let's see:

Today was Zumba.  I couldn't get into it today for some reason.  Maybe it was the change in music.  Maybe it was because I was by the door.  I also think I cold be PMSing... Who knows.  What I do know is that I am glad I at least went!

Sun - short walk.  Not much just me/Frankie/kids

Sat- Run a' muck.  Wasn't into it this year but since I signed up and paid for it I did it.  It wasn't as good as last year and I didn't feel like getting muddy.  Some guy actually yelled at me for not getting muddy.  :P

Fri - nada

Thur - lame cardio!  I just couldn't get it together.  I did 10 min arc trainer, the 20 min bike and was gonna give up but forced myself to do TM.  Treadmill I forced myself to push it a little but overal my intesity = low

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A- Mon(core), Tues(legs), Wed, Thurs(upper body)

Much needed rest on Sund...  Then Mon was a core workout day with my personal trainer.  Kinda lame, as she was trying to help me figure out the excersizes that I could do (and it what order according to the firing of the abs) but we never actually DID them... So I did them after our time - took about 35? min.  Tried jump roping into my ab supersets cause I knew I wouldn't have time for a longer cardio but I kept getting sharp pains in my sacrum. sp?     Did okay- REALLY like the excersizes- had NO idea how week my upper abs are cause I always work my lower and "side" abs.

Tues was the same workout that I did last leg workout, but I added supersets of jumproping to the first and last set. It was intense!  Loved it =) 

Wed 20 min steps, and 25 min laps.   Tried out a new bathing suit.... NOT so good for some strokes. ;)  My boobs were flyin all over the place! lol!  (obviously, I didn't do those strokes anymore ;))  Then swimming with Cole... =)  He LOVED it!

Thurs... feeling a little lame on the cardio... Just did upper body (same as last week- but I added an extra rep of push ups, used 40 pounds instead of 30 pounds on my tri/bi cable ropes and added a set to total it to 4!)

Tomorrow eve I'll try to make a class so I can get in some good cardio.

R - run

ran out side in the woods today with Frankie!  IT was awesome (but a little humid)  I am not complaining.

Did Zumba yesterday (it killed me)

Sun - Came back from Ohio - ack!  what a LOOONG day

Sat - Worked out at the Rec center in Ohio.  It was kind of a bummer because I have been having this piriformis pain and then all of a sudden I had a piercing pain in my ankle.  IT's gone a way but kinda ruined most of my workout.  Felt good to be there did 20/20/20 bike/stairmaster/arc.  ALso, good to get away from the kids.

Fri- ran for 30 min... desperately needed to escape.  Thankfully Mark let me.  :)

Thu - not much but enjoyed the pool at the Rec center with the kids.

Wed - traveling to Ohio

Tue - Walk with Frankine and kids

Mon - Zumba!!!  yay!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A 4/23 Cardio at home

Did wii fit for 15 minutes- then cole got very impatient with watching me do the hoola hoop and cardio routines.

Then one to Dance for little kids.  Did those for another 15 or 20?

then over the next half hour did 4 sets of 100 jumps with the rope. Could barely finish the last set as my legs are getting stiff from yesterdays leg workout  =) 

A/C broke and they came out withing HOURS of me calling- love this new company- they just had to make some pressure adjustments from the initial install.  =)  SO glad to hear it's an easy (and free! fix)

A 4/22 Legs and cardio

DB 10 pounds each/squats, 12 reps 3 sets
Jump squats, 12 reps 3 sets
jumprope, jumping to 100 each set

Wide, middle, and calfs - 45 pound disc, 12 reps each set, 4 sets

Walking lunges, 18 steps, 3 sets
curtsy squats, 18 total,  3 sets
jump rope, 100 jumps per set, 3 sets.

Walking for 20 minutes... felt a little like hurling towards the end of my walk- glad I didn't do anything hardcore for my cardio.

Cole was VERY good in child care today- a RELIEF for me to hear.  I think he really got the talks that we had regarding NEVER hitting baby's